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It is vital that you do your research on training providers before you decide who to spend your money with.

Many of our competitors will tempt you with offers of cheap training, the catch is that you will be tied in to working in their franchise for up to 2 years after you qualify.

What’s wrong with that you may ask? Nothing, if they can deliver sufficient pupils, in your local area.

But what happens if they don’t deliver on their promises and you are tied in to an expensive franchise, with no work being provided to pay it? It happens all too often.

Internet forums are full of instructors asking for help getting out of their franchise.

With the national driving schools demanding franchise fees of around £200 – £350 per week, you can work out how many lessons you will have to do at £26 per hour (assuming they are not doing any special offers – very unusual!) just to pay your franchise, then there are other costs such as fuel, maintenance, insurance, tax, etc. and that’s before you start earning any money yourself.

It is a fact that many new driving instructors struggle to find enough work. Even those paying expensive franchises to a large driving school will often not be provided with enough pupils.

The national driving schools are NOT driving schools at all!

Yes, you did read that correctly. The large national driving schools are not actually driving schools at all.

They are car leasing companies.

They exist to recruit as many customers (instructors) to lease their car through them as possible. If a ‘driving school’ has two instructors covering a town, just scraping by with a few pupils between them, what happens when another instructor wants to join?

Will they turn him and his money away to protect their existing instructors?

It is of little consideration how busy their instructors will be, as long as the school get their franchise payments, they are happy.

Why else would they tie you in to a watertight contract?


We do things differently.

You will have the option to join the driving school when you qualify. But it is entirely up to you.

At the time of writing, our franchise costs less than three hours work, not three days!

We don’t tie you down with legal contracts, in fact you don’t have to sign anything at all. We work on the principle that happy instructors stay. We want to keep you on board, so we try our best to keep you happy. You can leave at any time, without penalty. And we never take on a new instructor unless we are sure there is enough work to go around.

At the time of writing this, ALL our instructors have a FULL diary and we have a waiting list of pupils ready to start!




Why choose us?

* We have office staff ready and waiting to take customers calls and book them straight into our instructors diaries.

* We have an excellent local reputation.

* We let our customers do the talking, check out the reviews on the website.

* No contracts to sign. If you are not happy, you are free to leave at any time.

* We never take on a new instructor unless we know we can provide enough work, not just for them, but for our existing instructors too.

* You are free to choose your own tuition vehicle, not limited to a model that may not meet your requirements.

* We have regular instructor meetings and social events, it can be lonely being out on the road all day. With us you are part of an excellent, local team.

* We don’t force you to cover a large working area so you spend lots of time (that you are not being paid for) travelling miles to your next customer.



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Your driving instructor training should be independent from your working life as an instructor when qualified. Being tied to a particular driving school removes all your options.

Be wary of companies offering cheap instructor training, these companies will often insist you take a franchise with them for a long period after qualifying. And we’ve all heard the phrase “you get what you pay for.”

We offer a guaranteed position with the driving school when you qualify. But it is just that. An offer. It is entirely your choice, you are free to join another driving school or start up on your own if you wish.

The choice is yours.