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The book will cover the following:
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  • Qualification to become a driving instructor
  • The Pros and Cons
  • What happens now you are qualified?
  • What’s it really like?
  • Real case studies from working driving instructors
  • Choice of tuition vehicle?
  • Self-employment
  • Personal satisfaction
  • Are you suitable?
  • Beware the hidden cost of cheap!

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 At this early stage, it’s just a thought that you may wish to explore further. 

It’s not my intention to persuade or influence, but merely run the idea by you. Many people request the book and after reading decide it’s not for them and that is exactly why I like to send the book out. At least you have explored the possibility and you can continue your search for a solution to your work/lifestyle balance.

Many people read the book and then wish to explore further by having a meet up to see how they would fit into the team once qualified.

We send a lot of books out to the local Banbury area and that helps us to find new people who wish to pursue this career change and join us at the school.

Requesting the book can be life changing and it might be life changing for you also!

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Many people dream of changing their current job and improving their lifestyle until the opportunity has passed them by, your opportunity is right Now!
My name is Neil Ridding and that definitely applied to me back in 2009. At the time I was working in the nightclub industry, travelling around the country to various clubs between 4 and 6 nights a week. As you can imagine, this involved incredibly long and unsociable hours, late into the evening not only during the week but every weekend too.
After a night at work I would usually arrive home some time after 5am, this would mean that much of the following day was written off as I was sleeping when all around me were going about their daily lives. But the money was good and I loved the job so I did this for many years without complaint.
By the age of 34 I was still enjoying my job, but the crazy unsociable hours were starting to take their toll. I was also planning on getting married and my fiancé and I had just had our first child. The late nights and early morning drives home were no longer working for me. I quickly realised that I would be missing out on quality time with my young family as my weekends were all but written off due to my job. I decided things needed to change.
So I decided to change my career and become a driving instructor. I made some enquiries locally and embarked on my training, fitting it in around my old job. I qualified in July 2010 and set up my own driving school. I was in the fortunate position of being able to gradually reduce the hours in my old job as my instructing work increased. Very quickly my diary was full of eager learners and I was able to completely leave the nightclub work behind me and focus 100% on driving instructing.
The change to my life was incredible, as a driving instructor I could now choose when to work. No more missing school plays, or parents evenings. And certainly no more 5am drives home. I was now no longer working at weekends, and I was home every night in time for a family dinner and reading bed time stories, that would never have happened in my previous job. I can take holidays as often as I like, which means I can see my friends more – and I don’t miss out on those family moments which are so important.

It Would Seem That I Am not Alone!

Over the years I have spoken to many people that have similar stories to tell. I have had the opportunity to meet a very diverse group of people, from a self employed carpenter, an executive with a telecommunications firm, an accountant and a senior manager at a debt collection call centre.
Although this group of people may seem very different, they all have one thing in common.
They are either “owned” by their job and their employers or they lack any type of job satisfaction, recognition or long-term prospects.
Some of the people that I have met have extremely demanding jobs and the huge salaries to match but at some stage, the constant demands often place a strain on family life.
Others will find themselves in mundane jobs where they often spend 50 weeks of the year looking forward to their annual holiday and tolerate a mind numbing and often unrewarding existence.
Going to work on a Monday morning and wishing it was Friday is sadly the norm for many as life passes them by.

The Decision That Completely Changed My Life

If I revert back to my own story and look at what finally made me take some action, it was the realisation that there is more to life than work.
I remember that initial conversation with my trainer to this very day but little did I know that it was about to change my entire life.

Finally, A New Start After Wasting Many Years Of My Life.

I qualified as an instructor in 2010. For the first time in almost 20 years I knew that I would be home at a reasonable time and would have my weekends free to spend that all important quality time with my wife and son.
During the past 8 years I have been able to completely control the days and times I work, I have holidays whenever I choose them without asking permission. And I can take as much time off for school sports days or kids activities as Iike.
Each day brings enormous job satisfaction and teaching a complete novice and making them a fully qualified driver is hugely rewarding.
Do any of the following examples apply to you?
  • You work long hours and you are sacrificing family time
  • You have no choice over the days you work
  • You work at weekends when family time is most important
  • You take holidays when your employer chooses
  • Your job is unrewarding and you have become stale
  • You receive no recognition for your efforts
  • You arrive at work on Monday longing for Friday
  • You are fed up working for someone else (employer)
  • You would like to become your own boss and call the shots
  • You would like to choose the days and hours you work
  • You would like to work in the local area without commuting
  • You have an entrepreneurial streak to start your own business

If the answer is YES……..

Then maybe a new career as a Driving Instructor might be the solution for you!

Have I have aroused your interest so far?

If so, you will no doubt have a hundred and one questions regarding the training, the job, the money, the costs and what its actually like working as a driving instructor.
The best possible way for me to give you a completely unbiased and extremely comprehensive view of the industry and what its really like, is to send you a FREE 60-page book.
I became a driving instructor in May 2010 and immediately went independent and was very proud to be operating with my name on the tuition vehicle as I build a solid local reputation and I was attracting more work than I could handle.
The reason I mention this is because you may prefer to be in a position where you are working under the umbrella of a driving school, with all your marketing and admin taken care of or you may be the entrepreneurial type that would like to see your own name “in lights” at some stage and that’s absolutely fine of course.

The world, really is your oyster

I have been sending out the books but many that receive and look through the book decide it’s not quite right for them. That’s absolutely fine, at least they explored the possibility rather than simply accept their current situation.

The purpose of the book is not to persuade or convince you in any way but to give you an insight to what may be a solution for you.

Read More Real Stories And Case Studies Of Real Driving Instructors Here.

You have nothing to lose and maybe everything to gain.

 Twenty minutes of your time could turn out to be life changing as it was for me!

 Your contact and postal details will be used to send the book out to you. They will not be passed to any third party or used for any other reason other than detailed here.